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Would you like a signed copy of Before the Lights Go Out, my new book about the future of energy?

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  • AIDS Policy Project

    Hi there–we are interviewing journalists who cover scientific innovation for a new report we are writing (note: It will not be a boring report, this we promise.) Check out our previous report, AIDS Cure Research for Everyone, to see what we are going for. Any chance we could call you and pick your brain? Kate Krauss/  kate shift-2 aidspolicyproject dot org

  • John Kolstad

    I’m listening to Maggie on MPR. [5/14/12 ],   Very good.  I went to Boing Boing  and found it awful.    I found Maggie way down the page  and clicked on email,  and got run thru a bunch   of pages,  and was not able to send an email.

    I have  a back ground in Physics and Math  and have been an alt energy buff since the 50′s.    There are some old ideas  that have never been used   and some great new ideas using new technology.    From Tesla to  Dr William Hale to   Robert Zubrin  and  Jeremy  Rivkin.    I have collected stories, articles and patents for 50 years.   What is most exciting is the new technology  makes  old ideas  work so much better than when invented.

    Germany  has created the equivalent of 5 large Nuke plants just  with Solar Voltaic.   The new vertical wind turbines  work fine in the City where the the propeller model does not work well.   These can go on roofs and in yards and can work with Solar Voltaic.    My vision is to have every flat roof commercial building  on Lake Street in Mpls [including mine at 39th and E Lake] functioning as a Power Provider [solar voltaic and Vertical Wind].  [Lake is a 6 mile business district that runs across Mpls]    
    I call this Vision   Green Street.   Not only would we generate our own electricity,  but the transmission   loss would be greatly reduced.  The figures I ‘ve read is that transmission loss is 30% to 35%.

    One correction to what you said,   yes,  heat loss is one of the places where energy is lost,    however,  line loss is primarily in the form of EMF   radiated from the power line.    However,  I think for the general public on MPR your statement was fine  and basically correct.  The inefficiency of Coal is the main point and that was clear.

    Thanks all for now.    I don’t even know if you will get this.    If you do, and are interested,    I may be able to show you some more  technology that you  may not know or at least did not indicate on the Radio.

    Best wishes,    you sounded very good on the radio today.

    John R Kolstad
    aka “Papa John Kolstad”
    612/722-6649 w