Who is Maggie Koerth-Baker?

• Science editor at BoingBoing.net, one of the most-read blogs in the United States with millions of monthly readers.

• Columnist for The New York Times Magazine. Her column, Eureka, covers the intersection between science and culture. It appears monthly.

• Freelance science journalist whose work has appeared in magazines like Discover, Popular Science, and New Scientist, and on websites like Scientific American and National Geographic News.

• Author of two books: Be Amazing, a tongue-in-cheek self-improvement guide written with the publishers of mental_floss magazine; and Before the Lights Go Out, her new book about how our energy systems were built, how they work today, and how they will influence what we can and can’t do over the next 30 years.

• Public speaker who has given talks about the neurobiology of octopuses, what scientists can learn from science journalists, why the future of energy might be a little boring, and more. Currently touring the United States talking about the past, present, and future of America’s electric infrastructure. Check out the Books page for a regularly updated schedule.

Contact Maggie at [email protected]